What do you choose to do for sustainability?

The sustainable city

Do you choose to be oblivious to the developments around you? Or do you choose to partake in a positive change towards a better future?

As December 21st 2012 is nearing, we have the opportunity to make a conscious decision for the future of our planet and all the living organisms that reside on it. Whether we will face an apocalyptic disaster or an era of new beginnings is going to be our choice. So what are you going to do?

If all global citizens consumed the masses of fossil fuels and resources that we currently consume in the western world, we would need a number of planets in order to satiate our constant need for greater consumption. We simply can not continue our present life styles indefinately into the future. We need change. We need it now.

One of our major problems is our disrespect for nature and everything it offers, more specifically food. For example, about 30% of our annual global grain production is fed to slaughter animals. In addition, about 50% of all food that is produced in the US is thrown away. Although these figures are shocking, it is important to realize that they can easily be reduced.My garden in East Van

We need to reconnect with nature and value what it provides. Instead of throwing out food, we need to find better ways to use every part of the animals that we eat or every vegetable that we prepare. It is an easy and simple way to live in a sustainable fashion. Reduce the amount of animal products that you purchase and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Don’t buy packaged foods and add water to different powders in order to call it a meal. Grow your own foods. You will realize the wonderful value of being able to provide for yourself and treating our planet with gratitude. I am blessed to live in Vancouver, a beautiful city that is a leader in the environmental movement. Evertything buzzes with awareness and love for the planet. I try to live a sustainable life style. What do you choose to do?


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