Are your digestive problems caused by GMO foods?

ImageCurrently there is a strong stir that is happening in our food system that is spear headed by large food producing corporations, such as Monsanto. This movement is focused on changing the genetic makeup of different foods, mostly corn, soy, canola, tomatoes and others in order to enhance its profitability. For example, corn is modified in order to produce its own pesticides. The BT corn variety is designed so that when an insect feeds on the crop its stomach explodes. The problem is that these GMO foods aren’t sufficiently tested and their long-term effects are still largely unknown. If it can cause an insect’s stomach to explode, what can it do to our human bodies?

Although we don’t know the effects of these franken-foods to a full extent yet, there is a growing number of studies that suggest the links of genetically modified foods and diseases, such as autism, Crohn’s disease, various allergies and other intestinal problems. Could cancer be linked back to a Monsanto corn variety? Science can’t say for sure since cancerous cells can take several years to fully grow. However, studies show that mice that are fed a GMO diet develop major intestinal and reproductive problems. Their offspring is sick and weak, and many die within a few day of being born. Others grow grotesquely disfiguring tumours.

Since the introduction of GMO foods into our food supply various chronic diseases have been on the rise and continue to grow and debilitate our population. Personally I don’t know a single baby boomer, who has an allergy to any food item; however, amongst children allergies prove to be a rampant problem. More and more of our kids develop various food sensitivities. Studies show that once these children eat a GMO free diet, their allergies and medical ailment substantially improve – without any medication.

These foods are not part of the revolutionary process and introducing them into our naturally developed world could cause extreme havoc and destruction. To me, messing around with plants, animals and bacteria that have developed over many thousands of years for the sake of greater profit and economic domination, sounds like a very bad idea. Monsanto and others are adding up a large bill that individuals and families all around the world are paying for with their lives.

Put a stop to this nonsense, get yourself educated and tell your loved ones.


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