Are your digestive problems caused by GMO foods?

Currently there is a strong stir that is happening in our food system that is spear headed by large food producing corporations, such as Monsanto. This movement is focused on changing the genetic makeup of different foods, mostly corn, soy, canola, tomatoes and others in order to enhance its profitability. For example, corn is modified … Continue reading

On the Path of Greater Well-being: The Relationship between MNCs and States

“My friends, the simple matter of fact is this: If we cannot make globalization work   for all, in the end it will work for none”                                                                              Kofi Annan   Kofi Annan’s statement exemplifies the complexity of globalization and the multifaceted relationship between state and MNCs that ensues from it. From a liberal standpoint, multinational corporations … Continue reading

Greed and Green Marketing

Although the green movement, which has advanced over the past years, has had some positive impact on our environment, green marketing is a rather contentious part of it. An increased concern for the preservation of our earth has sparked a shift in consumer consciousness. Many individuals are becoming gradually more aware of the background of … Continue reading

China and the Global Financial Crisis

Is China’s current economic model sustainable in the long run? The recent reformations in increased government activism spell out an altered era for the Chinese economy. Prior to the global financial crisis the Chinese state allowed for an enhanced marketisation within the country. This, however, came to a halt when the global economy came tumbling … Continue reading

Economic Adjustment and Development

Since the 1980’s the World Bank has been lending money to developing countries in order to combat poverty and improve economic, political and social structures of these nations. These loans come attached with various conditions that seek to implement neo-liberal market standards into the economies of the lendees under the pretext that orthodox regulations are … Continue reading