Are your digestive problems caused by GMO foods?

Currently there is a strong stir that is happening in our food system that is spear headed by large food producing corporations, such as Monsanto. This movement is focused on changing the genetic makeup of different foods, mostly corn, soy, canola, tomatoes and others in order to enhance its profitability. For example, corn is modified … Continue reading

What do you choose to do for sustainability?

Do you choose to be oblivious to the developments around you? Or do you choose to partake in a positive change towards a better future? As December 21st 2012 is nearing, we have the opportunity to make a conscious decision for the future of our planet and all the living organisms that reside on it. … Continue reading

Greed and Green Marketing

Although the green movement, which has advanced over the past years, has had some positive impact on our environment, green marketing is a rather contentious part of it. An increased concern for the preservation of our earth has sparked a shift in consumer consciousness. Many individuals are becoming gradually more aware of the background of … Continue reading