Are your digestive problems caused by GMO foods?

Currently there is a strong stir that is happening in our food system that is spear headed by large food producing corporations, such as Monsanto. This movement is focused on changing the genetic makeup of different foods, mostly corn, soy, canola, tomatoes and others in order to enhance its profitability. For example, corn is modified … Continue reading

Barbie and Beauty?

I am somewhat torn on the subject of Barbie because although it sends negative expectations of female bodies to young girls, nonetheless, the idea of controlling one’s body and changing it to fit into cultural norms has been widespread throughout the world and across different time periods and is, thus, not something unique to our … Continue reading

Holistic Medicine in Canadian Health Care

The Canadian nation is traditionally seen as a mosaic of different cultures that has originated from British and French ancestors within this country. However, oftentimes Aboriginal traditions and customs, and their impact on how we see ourselves and our surroundings is overseen. Looking at Canadian culture it is evident that it does not solely stem … Continue reading